Sunday, 26 February 2012

I just discovered Storksak

I am literally over the moon having discovered Storksak today. You all know by now that i'm expecting a baby and as wee member of the fashion industry i've been pretty intent on finding a chic baby changing bag.

I absolutely hate the flowery, bright bags that just scream 'BABY!'- They're more designed to look child like than to look like an adult bag. Even worse are the ones made out of shiny wipe clean fabrics that are more associated with swimming pool visits that a day out in town.

I've always wanted a baby changing bag that can be disguised as a real handbag, and now i've found one. That said, they're at least four times the price of a standard changing bag, but with a birthday coming up i'm sure I can get the family to club together for me - best get the message out now...

In the meantime, see what I mean - here's my favourites.

Visit Storksak to buy.

Ciao Bellas x

Monday, 30 January 2012

A change of scene

How embarraassing - it's been 2 months since my last post and i'm feeling completely ashamed.

The thing is, having a baby has changed my life - and it's not even born yet! Where I used to spend my spare time browsing the internet looking at beautiful fashion websites, I am now spending that time drifting around the Kiddicare showroom, researching baby monitors and incessantly checking maternity wear sites to see if they're finally selling something warm, fashionable and reasonably priced.

It's important for me to do all this stuff, but I recognise that a review of baby baths as my next blog post is not going to be your cup of tea. The problem is that it's taking up all my time and there's nothing left for the blog.

Well, that's a bit of a lie. I do have some spare time, but don't you think we all need some time to just sit and do nothing too?

And I don't expect it to get any better. When the baby is actually born I will (a) have even less time and (b) be even more boring, talking about whether my baby has done a poo yet, whether I've read the latest edition of the Baby Whisperer or if baby has started to coo/gurgle/whatever.

All of this is enormously interesting. To me. And maybe my mum. But not to you, my readers who want to talk ecommerce and fashion.

So, a big decision lies ahead of me. I don't really want to be labelled as a mummy blogger, but I still have something to say and I could turn this into a lifestyle blog of some sort. Or I could just forget it all.

What to do...

Monday, 5 December 2011

The relaxation outfit for bumps

With a growing baby bump it has been a bit of a chore choosing what to wear every day. Most difficult has been my down time outfit as i've ended up wearing leggings and sloppy jumpers every evening and weekend that i'm home. I think Mr OFR must be experiencing groundhog day!

So, having dug out some maternity wear i'd put away from when I worked at Isabella Oliver, I found the perfect kimono top and loose trousers for mooching around the house. Now I have 2 dowtime outfits!

Excuse the hair and lack of make-up - this is veg-out territory after all.

The grey top isn't available any more but you can get a similar one here and  the trousers here.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Site review: Jaeger

Just taking a peak at the Jaeger website and thought i'd pull out four key elements that I particularly like for a mini site review.

Firstly the large page-sized homepage images, rotating on the screen. I'm on my laptop right now, which makes it a bit annoying as I have to scroll up and down to see the whole image, but on my desktop screen this would be lovely.

Next, I like the way they've executed this navigational flyout. Whilst there is simple navigation in the form of a list on the left hand side, for the Jaeger sub brands they have given these a bigger space with a proper description and image to help define what they're about. So often brands make you choose from their sub-brands to shop, expecting you to know what you will find when you click thru. Not always true and very unhelpful.

Third, take a look at the next image. It's a buylist for women's dresses. What I think is great about this is their use of space. Most etailers are putting a header at the top of the page which means that the product customers are there to buy are all pushed down the page. Here the header is on the left which leaves room for a couple of products right at the top of the page. Love it.

And finally there's the offers page. I never find these pages very inspiring on websites and this doesn't change my mind. However, the fact that Jaeger cleverly links the offers page to newsletter sign up is fantastic. A great tie up and good positioning.

A quick stop review of what's good, or at least what works for me. The only other thing to mention is that I was pleasantly surprised at the sale prices, so I advise you to get shopping!

Visit Jaeger.

Monday, 28 November 2011

15 weeks and counting

I told you recently that i've been a little preoccupied. Well the truth is finally out and I can tell you what's been going on. The news is... I'm having a baby!

Mr OFR are feeling very blessed at totally over-excited at the moment. We're 15 weeks in so that means we're well and truly into the second trimester and it's pretty safe to tell the world.

So far it's been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and really really busy. There's been a big push to finish decorating the house (almost there), lots of reading up about what the hell is happening to my body, plus numerous appointments with doctors, midwives and hospitals.

Despite planning this it still came as a shock to find out it had really happened. And then seeing friends newborn babies really brings it home - there's going to be a real baby at the end of this 40 weeks! Eek!

Watch this space for a few 'Claire wears' posts as I try new maternity wear looks that suit the baby bump. Monday night is the British Fashion Awards so i've already got that outfit planned and hope to put a wee post up when I get a chance.

I'll try not to bore you too much with pregnancy / baby related posts, but i'm afraid it's bound to creep in a bit. My apologies in advance.

News done, i'm off to enjoy my evening after a day of chores.

Claire x

Monday, 14 November 2011

Boden's a dog

Recently, every time I get an email from Boden I end up fawning over it. That's mainly because of the wee doggies in the pictures.

Yes, i'm a sucker for a great image, and now i've realised i'm a sucker for a cute animal in the picture too - how embarrassing!

The thing is, I've seen many high end brands stuff a miniature maltese into the arms of a beautiful model for their ad campaign, but Boden pulls it off so much better. A real dog (one that can sit on and toast your feet rather than one that is more like a babe in arms) that has so much character. It's enough to make me want to buy something from Boden. (But I won't because i'm not twee enough and have no kids).

Here's a few on their site at the moment.

Why use a dog anyway? Well they're so emotive aren't they? And for boden it goes a long way in reinforcing their brand values and personality. It's a family lifestyle brand. One that is about an outdoorsy life with two parents, kids and a dog. Maybe two. And it's quite quirky isn't it, which is what Boden is all about.

PS - You've GOT to see the 'caution dad dancing' video. I keep watching the bit where he 'seductively' unbuttons his shirt. Classic! Click here to see it.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sorry followers

Jeez, I can't even begin to explain how the last couple of months have turned my life upside down. I've finally realised just how hard being a part-time blogger can be when you don't get a moment to sit at the laptop or to think clearly about a post.

Things haven't quite cleared up yet so I just wanted to say how sorry (and guilty) I am for my clear lack of posts in recent weeks. I promise to get back on it just as soon as I can, but in the meantime please bear with me and please don't be put off by my sparce or short posts.

And don't worry, there's nothing sinister going on, just a turn of events that's taking up all my head space.

Thanks for waiting

Claire x
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